Malware and viruses have been around as long as the internet has – and while antivirus programs have gotten better at finding and quarantining these nasty exploits over the years, there are still some particularly bothersome trojans and programs which can cause untold damage if left undiagnosed or released upon a PC.  One of the nastiest malware threats available online at the moment is known as Cryptolocker, and it’s an example of what’s been termed as Ransomware.

Cryptolocker is generally unleashed upon a PC user by way of a trojan or worm, and can be set free from a compressed file normally attached via an email from a source pretending to be official.  When a PC is infected and under attack from Cryptolocker, the user is effectively held to ransom – as it will encrypt their documents and request that a fee be paid within a certain time frame for a key to be provided.  While there have been similar examples of malware having run rife in the past, Cryptolocker is still claiming victims and will only be such a lucrative business model for its programmers if people are scared enough to pay the ransom.

The best case scenario when potentially faced with Cryptolocker is to never open an email attachment from a sender you don’t recognise – while the sender will likely use tried and tested techniques to encourage you to part with your money, the bottom line is don’t trust an unknown sender!  If you do happen to be infected by the malware, under no circumstances pay the fee demanded – as this will encourage the programmers to continue pushing the program as a money-making scam.

The best thing to do if infected is to consult an expert – and with a team of seasoned PC specialists ready to help you regain control of your documents at short notice, PC Service can help.  Our London-based HQ is staffed with professional virus-busters and PC problem-solvers with years of experience in bringing even the most heavily-infected system back up to health again.

You needn’t panic about malware and ransomware – in the first instance of an attack by Cryptolocker or similar, call PC Service directly on 0800 389 6798 for an emergency booking and we will arrange a consultation with you for as soon as possible.  Think of us as emergency services for your PC – PC Service is always on hand to help your machine bounce back from even the nastiest of attacks.

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