As more and more businesses adopt a remote or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work model, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for IT administrators to maintain a stable network infrastructure or device management solutions. In times like these, Microsoft InTune offers unparalleled support through its endpoint management and impenetrable security features. 

This ensures that businesses can manage the various devices used by their employees through a single platform, paving the way for seamless IT support, employee collaborations, access control, and more. 

But that’s only the first layer of its capabilities. Keep reading to find out why Microsoft InTune is such a priceless tool for businesses, regardless of their industry. 

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What is Microsoft InTune?

Microsoft InTune is a cloud-based service that manages mobile devices, PCs, laptops, and work applications. With InTune, it doesn’t matter what device is being used by your employees or if they’re working from home. 

This means it will continue to protect and provide a centralised platform for softwares and devices, irrespective of whether they are iOS, Windows, macOS, or Android. 

As for businesses, InTune allows you to establish policies and configurations for the company’s apps and devices. These include VPN and Wi-Fi settings, organising email accounts and enforcing device encryption. 

Once all employee devices are enrolled in InTune’s cloud service, administrators can manage them through a single, web-based interface. 

This creates a systematic structure for enforcing policies and maintaining security throughout the company, which is the key function of Microsoft InTune. 

Features of Microsoft InTune and How They Help Businesses

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

As mentioned above, InTune provides a single console to manage all the devices your employees use, whether they belong to them or are company-owned. 

This enables seamless device management where IT managers can control and monitor gadgets, release software updates, and enact rules all from a single location. 

Here’s how businesses can benefit from InTune’s MDM features:

mobile application management

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Are you familiar with the Play Store or the App Store if you’re an iOS user? In the same way that these platforms host a fleet of different applications, Microsoft InTune’s MAM functions the same way, creating a centralised platform for all the apps used by your business.

While the benefits of this feature are the same as that of MDM, here are a few additional benefits. 

Compliance Management

In a survey conducted by Flexera, 75% of respondents claimed that compliance was the biggest challenge in the cloud universe. With InTune, this becomes a piece of cake. 

Here’s how this system can help businesses perform end-to-end compliance management:

Endpoint security

Endpoint Security

Whether you’re an established business or a startup, you’re probably familiar with the looming threat of cyber attacks. With loads of information travelling to and from your company devices, cybersecurity is of utmost necessity. 

Here’s how Mircosoft InTune caters to your business’s security needs:

Unify and Manage Your Online Domains With Operum.Tech

As the gaps created by changing work patterns continue to increase, Microsoft InTune is a reliable cloud-based platform that brings businesses and employees together to create a productive work environment, strengthen security, and reduce operating costs.

With InTune, you can thrive in this digital age without being prey to malicious cyber attacks. 

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