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24 Years of Outstanding IT Support Helps Talent Grow

24 Years of Outstanding IT Support Helps Talent Grow

The client

  • Business Name: XL Talent
  • Industry: Music / Entertainment
  • Size: 
  • Working with Operum since 1999

XL Talent has been in the business of Artist and Producer/Writer management since it was founded in the mid-1980s. Managing a roster of established and emerging producers, these include some of the most respected and internationally successful writing and producer teams around today, covering a spectrum of musical genres.

Their Needs

Over the course of more than two decades, technology has changed enormously and the challenges facing businesses like XL Talent have also evolved. From day one, XL Talent needed outstanding IT support to match their ambitions for their business and help them succeed in a hugely competitive industry. During 24 years of working together, we have helped XL Talent with a wide range of IT issues, including:

What Did We Do

Since 1999, we have resolved individual issues, such as moving from standard, separate computers to a server, and later Windows Active Directory, while also helping XL Talent stay ahead of the competition by ensuring their IT infrastructure keeps up with the latest technology and ways of working. 

In recent years, this has meant the introduction of cloud solutions to the business as we ensure XL Talent has everything it needs to grow and be successful. Our Managed IT Support for XL Talent has included an extensive range of services, covering everything from. We’ve literally been on hand to help with everything IT-related they have needed for the last 24 years.


The result is a very happy client and a long, successful relationship between Operum and XL Talent. In many ways, we like to think that the results speak for themselves – 24 years and going strong. XL Talent has been a happy customer of Operum’s for more than two decades and that certainly speaks volumes. We have resolved every IT-related issue the business has ever had and helped them overcome any challenges they have faced when it comes to technology and software, allowing them to focus on what they do best in the music and entertainment industry. 

What Did The Client Say?

It has been an absolute pleasure having Tom, Tobiasz, and their team serving all our IT needs for the last 24 years! Their levels of expertise are second to none and the service levels they provide are top class. I would be happy to recommend them to any other company.

Mike Box, Managing Partner, XL Talent

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