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Enterprise-grade IT certification gives trailblazing AI platform next level security

Enterprise-grade IT certification gives trailblazing AI platform next level security

The client

  • Business Name: Phrasee
  • Industry: AI (Artificial Intelligence) / Marketing
  • Size: 100+
  • Working with Operum since: 2018

Phrasee is a trailblazer in using generative AI to create, optimise, personalise, and analyse marketing content in real-time and at scale. Their enterprise-grade platform empowers the world’s leading brands with fit-for-purpose AI technology that delivers brand-safe outcomes across the digital customer journey. Phrasee enables real-time testing and optimisation to determine the best-performing marketing messages for audiences across various channels such as email, SMS, push, social media ads, and web/app. This innovative AI content platform boosts customer engagement and increases lifetime value – all while maintaining their client’s distinct brand standards and voice. Phrasee has been a client of Operum.Tech since 2018.

Their Needs

Enterprise-grade AI platforms need enterprise-grade IT certification and compliance. Over the last few years, Phrasee has been growing rapidly and attracting significantly bigger customers from around the world. As a leader in the AI content category, Phrasee realised they needed to obtain ISO27001 certification to demonstrate their commitment to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their customers’ data, in order to take their business to the next level.   

What Did We Do

We worked closely with Phrasee to assist in the preparation, planning, and implementation of the IT requirements for ISO27001 certification. This included introducing MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) across the company, endpoint management through Microsoft Intune, and the activation of specific IT policies such as screen-lock, device lock, device encryption, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) management. To help Phrasee with managing their overall progress towards ISO certification, we helped them to utilise Drata, a security and compliance automation platform. Our friendly team of IT experts worked hand-in-hand with staff at Phrasee over a three-month period to complete the process.


Phrasee successfully obtained ISO27001 certification, demonstrating to its clients that it has the enterprise-grade governance in place to match its trailblazing AI. This will allow Phrasee to continue delivering unprecedented results for its clients, meet the standards of its new clients, and attract even more business, as they go from strength to strength.   

What Did The Client Say?

Phrasee has obtained its ISO27001 certification, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Our vision of enterprise-grade AI gets you all the power of this awesome tech with enterprise-grade governance controls in place. Special shout out to the team at Operum.Tech for the tools, testing, advice, audit, and oversight.

Having helped us gain our ISO 27001 accreditation, we are looking forward to the support of Tom and the Operum team in maintaining the high standards necessary to retain our certification year on year.

Russell Peto, Engineering Director, Phrasee

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