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How our touchless support services helped a talent platform transition to hybrid working

A Seamless Switch

How our touchless support services helped a talent platform transition to hybrid working

The client

  • Business Name: Connectr
  • Industry: Education & Talent Acquisition
  • Size: 40 staff
  • Working with Operum since: 2016

Connectr is an award-winning candidate experience platform, which enables clients, such as British Airways, GSK, Atkins, BDO, and Cisco, to build their own talent pool. The company’s talent technology is scalable and fully trackable with live reporting and data. Connectr is on a mission to enable organisations to transform their approach to talent and bring equity to talent acquisition, covering Early Careers, Returners, Over 50’s and everything in between.

Their Needs

The Covid pandemic brought significant challenges for Connectr, as it did many others. The move to home working, and later hybrid, required the business’s IT infrastructure to change quickly if they were to continue operating. This was especially challenging for Connectr as the majority of their business had been face-to-face up to this point. 

Alongside this, staff turnover at the time, combined with a period of rapid growth and expansion for the business, prompted a review of their onboarding and offboarding protocols. In particular, Connectr identified problems maintaining a continuous stream of hardware and software available for new staff, while also having a system to retrieve existing computers, laptops, and other devices from people who had left the company. It was vital for Connectr to keep a track of valuable hardware, but also sensitive data, which needed to remain secure. Without a system in place, this was a real risk to business.

What Did We Do

Having already supported Connectr since 2016, we knew their IT well and worked closely with staff on tailored solutions to their problems. 

Cloud Solutions

First, we migrated Connectr’s systems from a traditional office infrastructure to fully cloud based (Office365), which was better and more flexible for the business and their employees. The benefits included: 

  • All users being able to work remotely 
  • Providing staff with full access to company data without the need to come into the office
  • Saving the business from the cost of having to replace the old office infrastructure and IT
  • Facilitated internal and external virtual meetings  

Offboarding and Offboarding

Next, we looked at providing a solution to the difficulties Connectr were facing with IT relating to staff onboarding and offboarding. The answer to this was our touchless support package, which is a service where we virtually manage a client’s hardware and software, including all work computers, laptops, and smart devices, so they don’t have to lift a finger. As part of this package, we: 

  • Took on the responsibility for keeping Connectr’s assets and data secure 
  • Organised the delivery and retrieval of hardware and software 
  • Guaranteed all laptops and other equipment was wiped clean after use, and ensured each device was prepped and ready for new staff
  • Ensured work computers and devices had all of the relevant software and access arrangements as required for each new user 
  • Stored all of Connectr’s hardware securely at our own premises 


By working closely with Connectr and tailoring our support packages to their needs, we delivered positive solutions to both of the issues they were facing. 

Move To Virtual Working 

We delivered a fast, long-term solution to get Connectr working effectively as quickly as possible during the pandemic. Our in-depth IT knowledge, training, and expertise enabled Connectr to quickly transition from face-to-face to a virtual operation with minimal disruption or loss of business. Connectr has stated that without this move and without Operum’s expert support, it would have been very difficult for them to continue operating at the time. Instead, Connectr made a seamless switch to hybrid working, which has positively transformed how they operate while also providing a platform for the business to grow and become more successful. 

Touchless Support

We established a comprehensive end-to-end system to cover all of Connectr’s IT needs for onboarding and offboarding staff. We now oversee the entire IT process for new starters and leavers, with responsibility for all hardware, software, and data security. This has transformed the way Connectr handles their onboarding and offboarding – a key element in their relationship with their staff.

What Did The Client Say?

“Operum was instrumental in our transition from traditional IT set-up to new ways of working. They provided remote support in all areas of our IT systems and delivered a seamless switch to hybrid working.

“Alongside this, Operum’s touchless service totally solved our onboarding and offboarding issues. 

“It has been a pleasure to work with Operum since 2016. They are always available and full of knowledge in the fields we need. 

“Everyone at Connectr regards Operum as being a very professional outfit, always willing to discuss new ideas and find a solution.”

David Jordan, Director of Corporate Management, (Connectr)

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