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As a CEO, you bear the weight of ensuring that your organisation is in compliance with industry standards and regulations. One such pivotal standard is ISO27001, which governs information security. Yet, the repetitive nature of customer enquiries, each with their own set of questions about your compliance, can be a drain on your time and resources. It’s akin to rewriting the same book over and over again, with just a few words changed each time. There was no efficient way to automate this process, until now.

Enter’s Trust Centre, a game-changing solution that streamlines this cumbersome task.

What is the Drata Trust Centre?

The Trust Center introduces an innovative approach to transparently showcase your organization’s daily security and compliance efforts. Whether publicly or through approval, it offers continuous, daily control monitoring provided by Drata. Additionally, it includes attestations, certifications, and adherence to regulations such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

Here’s how it works and the problems it solves

The Time Drain

Imagine having to answer the same set of questions, albeit phrased differently, from multiple customers every week. Each questionnaire takes hours to complete, pulling your team away from other critical tasks. Over a year, this adds up to hundreds of hours—time that could be better spent on strategic initiatives.

The Trust Deficit

Moreover, the lack of a streamlined process for sharing compliance information can erode trust between you and your customers. In an age where data breaches are all too common, customers want assurance that their data is safe. The absence of a quick and transparent way to share your compliance status can lead to delays and even lost business opportunities.

The Solution

The Drata Trust Centre serves as a central repository for all your compliance documents, allowing you to streamline requests by publishing a page that showcases your organisation’s compliance status.

Increasing Customer Trust

By making your compliance status easily accessible, you not only save time but also build trust. Customers can review your compliance credentials at their convenience, which adds a layer of transparency and credibility to your operations.


Importantly, the Trust Centre is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It offers flexibility in terms of what information can be accessed and how. For instance, access can be granted for specific periods. In the Essential plan, access is granted for up to 365 days, while the Pro version allows for more flexible timeframes.

How and Where Can I Show My Data?


The Drata Trust Centre is hosted on Drata’s secure servers but also provides you with an autogenerated URL. This URL can be embedded on your own website for ease of finding by potential customers.


With the Pro version, you can take personalisation and branding to the next level, ensuring that the Trust Centre matches your company’s look and feel.

Can I Restrict Access?

Public vs Private

Yes, you can either make your data publicly accessible or restrict it to those who sign an NDA.


In the case of restricted access, your team will receive notifications via email, instant message, or directly within the Drata platform, alerting them to any pending requests for access. They can then grant or deny access as appropriate.

What Can Be Presented?


The Trust Centre allows you to select which modules will be displayed, either showing that they have passed the necessary checks or providing downloadable evidence of compliance.

How Much Can I Change?

Future Developments

The Trust Centre is a new feature and is expected to be one of the most actively developed areas of

Pro vs Essential

Here are the differences between the Pro and Essential plans:

Single hub for security reports, documents, etc.YesYes
Live view of security postureYesYes
Clickwrap NDA supportYesYes
Private document access requests10/year300/year
Custom Trust Centre URL Yes
Personalisation and branding Yes
Automated access approvals Yes
Configurable access expiration dates Yes
Custom FAQ Yes
Live announcements Yes
Docusign NDA integration Yes
Open APIs for deeper customisation Yes


The Drata Trust Centre is a revolutionary feature that simplifies the process of sharing compliance documentation, saving CEOs valuable time and resources. With its flexibility and customisation options, it’s a must-have tool for any organisation serious about compliance.

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